The Villages of Vuonis welcomes you!

The Vuonis villages are located in the Lake Pielinen area, in the southern part of Lieksa. The trade routes have passed through this area since the fifteenth century. Pielinen is one of the biggest lakes in Finland. The mighty hills of Koli rise 347 meters above the sea level. 

The Vuonis villages: Vuonislahti, Vuonisjärvi, Kelvä, Läpikäytävä, Lapalie, Sarkkila and Salonkylä offer various services to the travellers, both children and adults. You become familiar with the Finnish way of life in the countryside and enjoy real experiences. Karelian cooking and the local handicrafts are the best souvenirs to take home with you. 

The people 
In the these villages, near lake Pielinen area, you will find friendly and hospitable people who are cooperative and willing to improve their environment. You can find traditional textiles, carpentries, and everyday living. 

Eva Ryynänen represents the area as a well-known sculptress. Her atelier, the Chapel of Paateri and cafégallery, are a famous tourist attraction. The author Heikki Turunen was born in Vuonislahti. His books describes life in this area.

Developing area for tourism
Tourism has within long traditions in the Vuoniskylät area. The waterbus has been available to travellers half a century. During wintertime, you can find the longest iceway in central Finland. The nature in the countryside offers first-class surroundings for living and recreation during holidays.

The Vuonis villages are very strongly defined by water; lakes and rivers. You may not approach the district without thinking the meaning of water. The lake can be a very personal experienand the companies providing different services. The nature resources and basic services are important for all. In Lake Pielinen area the importance of the needs of all the stakeholders has been disfinding a nice cottage and sauna with peaceful surroundings. They want to “forget the time”, and just relax with their family or friends. The beautiful lake scenery is an essential part of the holice, an object of strong feelings, not only a neutral natural landscape. The lake can be a holiday experince construed by being together with one’s travel companions, or environment for variocussed a lot. The increased tourist use of lakes might cause problems, if the original users feel to be dropped out fromthe development discussion. We should always see the long-term implidays, and observing the nature belongs to the day programme. Some guests say, they want to feel and taste the scenery. Fishing is the most popular activity, not only in the summer time but also us activities. The lake comes alive through the meaning given to it. cations of the actions taken today. Sustainable lake management is also for us something we try to take seriously in the winter. Angling through a hole in the ice is something everybody should try. A sleigh ride on the ice of Lake Pielinen is a speciality offered to the tourists, but just walking, or even driving When speaking about rural tourism, we have to pay attention to all the stakeholders in the area. The most important stakeholders, naturally, are the residents and the land owners of the area. the car on the ice is something you are not able to experience everywhere. Getting acquainted.Secondly there are the visitors 
What kind of experiences or activities do our customers expect to find in Lake Pielinen and 
Vuonis area?
Most visitors coming to the area are interested in with local culture; events, art, teamhandicrafs, and kitchen is important, too. Visiting the studio of sculptress Eva Ryynänen is for many guests the highlight of their holidays. The natural material, wood, is really like telling stories and fairy tails. The Karelian kitchen is an interesting mixture of Finnish and Russian traditions. Karelian pastries and stew as well as many mushroom and fish dishes are worth tasting, not to mention the delicious berries. Rural tourism in Lake Pielinen area has its roots very deep in the history. Herranniemi Inn would serve as an inn already in 1830’s, and boat trips on Lake Pielinen have been organised for more than 100 years. The tradition of taking care of visitors is for us something we are proud of. The 
sense of the place is always defined by the visitor. Come and build your own picture of Karelia 

- we wish you warm welcome to Lake Pielinen and Vuonis area – be our guest! 


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