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Delicious local food

At Herranniemi we serve delicious rural food and traditional Karelian specialities made from local ingredients. We are a part of Karelia a`la Carte: finnish network of North Karelian restaurants and companies in travel-, foodstuff- and handicraft fields. Karelia a`la carte gave us the "company of the year 2013"-tribute for our long time work among Karelian food tourism.

Our dining rooms are 150 years old timber room "spruce-hall" for 50 guests and beautifully painted "birch-hall" for 20 guests. In the summertime you can also enjoy your meal or drink at the large terrace that circles the main building. For order we can arrange meals and snacks by fire at the lakeside pavillion.

Our restaurant operates for order around the year, but in the high season we also offer daily changing dining options for our guests. If you come without accommodation reservation, we reccomend that you kindly inform us in advance if you wish to enjoy meal in our restaurant, so we can make the arrangements to satisfy your needs. Our cafeteria with full retail of alcohol serves in the summertime and during winter holidays from 12 to 21.