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Special services for groups

For groups we can create many kinds of service combinations depending on the season and the groups wishes and needs. Our basic group packages include for example cosy accommodation, breakfasts, relaxing saunas and dellicious dinner or evening snack. For groups we offer a discount from the normal accommodation price depending on the group size and room types. You can see examples from the Price-list: group prices page. Ask also offers for groups staying several nights.

To the basic packages we can add different kinds of activities, tours in the area nearby and evening entertainment with local performers. We can also plan travel program for your group by your wishes with our wide knowledge about North Karelian attractions and activities.

We organize boat trips in the National landscape of Koli: see some examples in the Activities price-list. Summer isn`t the only time when it is worthwhile to visit North Karelia: in the autumn nature wears in beautiful colours and you can do mushroom- and berry picking-trips to the forests nearby and to the islands of Pielinen. In the wintertime you can on the lake Pielinen, do cross-country skiing, snowshoing or downhill skiing at the Koli hills nearby. Also dogsledge- and snowmobile safaris can be organized.

We work in co-operation with many kinds of companies (for example river rafting, dog sledge driving, snowmobile driving, horseback riding, hiking guides, widlife watching and photographing and many more). Just tell about your intrests and wishes and together we can plan unforgettable travelling experience for your group.

At Herranniemi we have exellent facilities for groups to organize different kinds of meetings and celebrations: Dining halls "Spruce-hall" and "birch-hall" offer room foor eighty people and in the downstairs of the main building there is a meeting and evening entertainment room "Tapio`s hall" for thirty people. Video-projector, laptop, overhead projector, flipchart and other accesories for meetings are also in use for groups when needed. Lakeside pavillion offers relaxing and beautiful environment to have evening celebrations or just spend time together by the fire and the lake.