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Our services during winter and spring 2019

Accommodatio, breakfasts and saunas, dinners for pre-order for overnight guests and groups. Touring skates, snowshoes, skis and forest skis to rent for our guests in affordable price: 5 € / half day. Welcome!

Easter at Herranniemi

Welcome to relax and enjoy nature, peace, traditional saunas and good food at Herranniemi. Accommodation 3 nights 149 € / person or 2 nights 114 €/ person(in twin rooms). Includes breakfasts, plentiful, local Easter lunch or dinner (sunday), traditional smoke sauna and lakeside sauna, evening coffee and snack by fireplace at lakeside pavillion (saturday), birch sap tapping, painting easter eggs.

Vuonislahti-Koli ice road is closed 20.3.

Ice road had to be closed 20.3.2019 because of the water on the ice.

By the official ice road you can drive to Koli slopes, ski trails, spa, restaurants and other services in fifteen minutes. Drive by beautiful ice road is a true experience itself! More information about the ice road. Herranniemi is located only a kilometer from the start of the ice road.

Winter activities in koli area

You can find information about winter activities in Koli area from here.See also Koli ski trail map and slope information.

Paateri, the home and studio of Eva Ryynänen

Eva Ryynänen was a local sculptor and her home can be found at Vuonislahti, about 7 km from Herranniemi. You can get to Paateri from Herranniemi also by skiing trail. Paateri is a beautiful place and it consists of the artist's home, studio, timber church and cafĂ©, all designed by the sculptress and full of her works of art. Paateri is open for visitors In the winter time during winter holidays (weeks 8, 9 and 10) 10- 16. CONTACT: Paateri 21, FI-81560 Vuonislahti, tel. +358 4010 44055

WE RECOMMEND STRAIGHT BOOKINGS - all our accommodation is not on sale at reservation system has caused misunderstandings about availability of our rooms. Only couple of our basic rooms are on sale at - if the system says we are full we might still have space by straight bookings.

By sending e-mail, filling the reservation form at our web page or calling you will get more options and personal service. That way we can also discuss about benefits of customers, who stay more than one night. You will NOT get accommodation cheaper from despite of their advertising.


Welcome to Herranniemi

Enjoy traditional rustic athmosphere in the national landscape of Koli. We offer accommodation, restaurant services, seasonal activities and exellent facilities for different kinds of celebrations and gatherings.

Delicious traditional food, cosy accommodation, friendly and communicative service and seasonal activities give you unique oppoturnity to spend unforgettable holiday or occasion. Beautiful, peaceful environment and three different kind of saunas with peat-, honey- and salt -treatment possibilities and herbal baths offer you relaxation and well being.

Herranniemi is located in the center of the culture village Vuonislahti, straight by the Finland`s fourth biggest lake Pielinen. Nearby you can find famous sculpture Eva Ryynänen`s atelier and unique timber church, animal and experience park Pikkukili, Ruunaa rapids and hiking area, Koli national park and skiing resorts, Patvinsuo national park, traditional outdoor museum Pielinen museum and many other culture and nature resorts to visit. We wish you warmly welcome to experience beautiful nature and lively culture of North Karelia.

We recommend straight bookings by our websites reservation form, e-mail or phone. When says we are full, it might not be so. All our accommodatiion is not in sale at - by straight reservation you can get more options and also cheaper prices expecially when staying several nights.



In Koli and Lake Pielinen area you will have a true winter wonderland experience!